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Rock a spell in our open air farm market as you look out over the historic town of Musella, Georgia

Watch peaches come in from the orchards and out to the grocery stores! We offer daily tours of our packinghouse during peach season. Gather in the packinghouse outside of the office and join us for a guided tour around the grounds.

Our farm is a favorite among both individuals, as well as churches, seniors and hobby groups for good reason: At Dickey Farms, you can truly ‘step back in time’ and pick ‘overipe’ peaches right off of our packing line. Of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without a cup or cone of our award-wining peach ice cream. Our ice cream is made in-house with real Georgia peaches.

Typically our senior and church groups tour around our packinghouse and see how peaches come in from the orchards and out to the grocery stories while learning about the history of Dickey Farms and The Georgia Peach.

Group Tours

  • All of our groups are provided with a “Welcome” sign, designated seating area (weekdays only) and our
    signature fans.
  • Pick your own overripe peaches off our packing line! (Provided we are packing that day).
  • Ability to offer group discounts if booked in advance!
  • Packinghouse tours and reserved space for bring your own sack lunches are available upon request.
  • Special gifts are reserved for group organizers and bus drivers!

Best for: Senior Centers, Churches, Activity/Hobby Clubs, Hospitals, Corporations/Organizations

– Tours Available –

May 13 – August 13

Individual Tours

Learn about:

  • History of The Georgia Peach
  • History of Musella
  • Farming in Georgia
  • Importance of eating locally grown fruit
  • Tour of Packing line, Equipment and Cooler Room
  • Sample Fresh Georgia Peaches

Best for: Individuals, Families, Groups of 10 or less

– Tour Schedule –

Monday – Friday: 11AM and 2PM
(Always Free!)

Available May 13 – August 13

Premium Tours

Premium Tours are for groups of at least 20 or more who are looking for a more in-depth look into our farm during peach season *May 13-August 13.

Premium tours are guided experiences which begin in our peach orchard.  Guests are educated on growing Georgia peaches, peach varieties and farming practices.  The tour then moves to our packinghouse where we explain how peaches come in from the orchard and out to the grocery stores as well as highlights this history of historic Musella, Georgia.

$5.00 + Tax Per Participant

  • Tour of Packinghouse
  • Tour of Peach Orchard
  • Includes one Kiddie Cup of Peach Ice Cream
  • Goodie Bag with 1 Fresh Peach, Peach Lollipop and Farm Coloring Worksheet (For Groups of Children)

– Tours Available –

May 13 – August 13