Clingstone Peaches

Clingstone peaches are the first peaches of the season to be harvested.  They typically ripen around the second week of May. Clingstone peaches have flesh that is attached, or ‘clings’ to the pit of the peach. They have a yellow flesh with splashes of red, are usually a little bit smaller but very sweet.  The clingstone peaches are excellent for eating and especially perfect for baking in desserts.

Clingstone Varieties

Flavorich – May 12-20
Carored – May 20-30
Springprince – May 18-30
Goldprince – May 20-June 1
Zee Diamond – May 20-June 1
Zee Pride – June 1-10

Semi-Free Peaches

Semi-Free Peaches are the second peaches of the season to be harvested.  They typically ripen around the first week of June and finish by June 20th. Semi-Free or ‘Semi-Freestone’ are peaches are a newer variety of peaches. They are a hybrid peach fused between the clingstone and the freestone. The flesh is easy to separate from the pit, making this an all-around good peach for both eating, cooking or canning and preserving

Semi-Free Peaches Varieties

Rubyprince – June 1-10
Sureprince – June 8-20
Juneprince – June 8-20
Fiesta Gem – June 8-20

Freestone Peaches

Freestone peaches are the most widely anticipated peaches of the season. The freestone peach is the one you need to eat while standing over your kitchen sink. It’s characterized by it’s hallmark ‘juiciness’ and sweet flavor. Freestone peaches are the last of the three categories to be harvested, but have the longest run, spanning from early to mid June through August. These peaches have flesh that fall right off the pit, making them the ideal peach for freezing, canning or eating. The freestone peach is our largest peach, and is also used in all of our peach gift boxes.

Freestone Varieties

Harvester – June 10-25
Fireprince – June 19-20
Scarletprince – June 25-July 5
Majestic – June 20-July 10
Red Globe – June 26-July 10
Julyprince – July 1-20
Zee Lady – July 5-20
Sunprince – July 10-30
Messina – July 20-August 1
Summerlady – July 15-30
Early Augustprince – July 20-August 1
O’Henry – August 1-15
Flameprince – August 1-15
Big Red – August 10-25
Fairtime – August 15-31