Strawberry Field Trips 2024

Experiential Learning…And Lots Of Fun, Too!

Experiential learning is a process in which children can holistically obtain knowledge through education, then perform what they have learned through real-world application.

Field trips to our farm provide students with impactful and formative experiences. Our objective is to educate students on food sustainability, Georgia agriculture, harvesting, and the role of farmers.

Our strawberry patch provides a fun, hands-on, and scholastic experience where growing minds can learn, watch, process, do, and play!

What's Included

Approximately 2 Hour Run Time

  1. Strawberry Education
  2. Strawberry Picking
  3. Honey Bee Education
  4. Seed Germination
  5. Activity Stations
  6. Strawberry Ice Cream

We provide a pre-field trip guide for all of our teachers which includes:

  • Agriculture and farming information for your pre-field trip curriculum
  • Check-in/ Arrival/ Bus Parking Information
  • Detailed Schedule
  • Attire
  • What To Bring
  • Top Things to Remember
  • Strawberry Facts and U-Pick Etiquette

Education Standards

For your reference, we have included Georgia Performance Standards that we believe are relative to our field trips.

First Grade: S1CS1.a, S1L1, S1L1.a, S1L1.c, SS1E1, SS1E3

Second Grade: S2CS1.a, S2E3.a, S2L1, S2L1.b, S2L1.c, S2P2, SS2E3

Third Grade: S3L1, S3L1.b, SS3E1

Fourth Grade: S4L1, S4L1.a, S4L1.b, SS4E1, SS4E1.b, SS4E1.f, MCC4.MD.1

Fifth Grade: S5Cs4, S5CS6, SS5E1.e, SS5E2.a, SS5E3, SS5E3.a


Students (min. 20): $11.99 + tax per person

Teachers/Chaperones: 2 teachers per 20 students free of charge (if >2, student price applies)

Parents/Siblings: $10 + tax per person (non tax-exempt)

Tax Exempt: Please email a copy of your tax-exempt certificate to prior to the day of your field trip. If we do not have one on file prior to visit, tax will be applied. The exemption will only apply to the student's admission paying through the school. 


Inclement Weather

It is the school’s responsibility to cancel in the event of inclement weather. We recommend waiting until the morning of the field trip to make a decision. Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to cancel, as rescheduling dates and availability are not guaranteed.

Book Your Field Trip Now

Our Strawberry Patch Farm Field Trips are offered Tuesdays – Thursdays at 9:30 AM or 11:30 AM and typically last around 2 hours. Be sure to review all Field Trip details on our website. Please fill out the information below to request your field trip date and we will follow up with you as soon as we can!

 Before your field trip, please complete the Release of Liability Form!