Georgia Cracked Mammoth Pecans

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Whether you're looking for a great gift or just a healthy snack, these freshly cracked pecan halves are perfect for any occasion! At the present time, we are shipping Pawnee #1 pecans, which are a medium-sized pecan variety being harvested right now. The pecan meat has a beautiful golden color and a rich, buttery flavor. The pecan shell is thin to medium in thickness. These pecans generally yield about 50% meat and 50% shell. The ease and convenience of fresh-shelled pecans make this a great deal.


NOTE: The actual product poundage shipped for your cracked pecans order will be less than the poundage listed. We take a full 3lb, 5lb, or 10lb of in-shell pecans and pour them into our antique Meyer's Pecan Cracker. The pecans run over a screen, which removes a percentage of the small shells, to ensure you get a better quality product packaged for your delight.

For larger amounts, please give us a call at 478-836-4362.