Atlanta Illustrated Puzzle


Wonder what’s so special about the ATL? Piece together artist Evie Coates’ peachy keen design of Atlanta, Georgia to find out! The perfect mix of Southern charm and modern commerce, this city’s buzz is well deserved. From the history to the cuisine, the culture to the athletics, the Big Peach of Georgia is ripe and ready to bite into. Each piece of this puzzle provides a glimpse into the highways and byways of this beautiful city. Put it all together to find a map of all that Atlanta has to offer. Happy puzzling!

  • True South puzzles are made with 80-point blue board, which creates a thicker puzzle piece with a more solid "hand."
  • True South puzzles are stamped with metal dies made by one of the few artists in the world who creates jigsaw puzzle die masters by hand.
  • Puzzle images are created in a collaborative effort between artists and True South to highlight unique facts carefully researched about each location. Fun facts are listed on the back and inner sides of boxes.