Spicy Cream Cheese Roll Ups


1 jar Hatch Chile Cream Cheese (refrigerate beforehand)

6 slices ham deli meat

6 slices turkey deli meat

6 slices Cream Havarti cheese

6 burrito-size flour tortillas



Spread Hatch Chile Cream Cheese Dip in a thin layer onto each tortilla; be sure not to put on too thick or it will squish out the edges. Cut meat and cheese in half to make it fit.

Add layer of ham 1/3rd of the way up on the tortilla, then add turkey and Havarti cheese all to one side of wrap. Start small, and tightly roll up tortillas and chill for at least 1 hour.

Slice chilled wraps into 1-inch pieces and serve.

Note: Feel free to use spinach or sun-dried tomato tortillas to add some color—and flavor—to your wraps. Enjoy!

August 27, 2022

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